We woud like to make different clubs for example a sports-club, where you can play football or go running. But also a music-club, where you can play music together, is existing. There is also a book-club,so everybody can read books or present a new book which you can suggest. We have a club for electronic like Playstation and
X-Box if it's possible. You can also go into a theatre club. We would like to do a history-club, too. Maybe the history group can do a presentation at the end of a week.

At first we would like to collect some new ideas with you. and when weare in France we can go into the differnt groups.

We have discussed about your proposition of clubs and we think it's a very good idea so we asked everybody what clubs he wanted to do. Here is the result :

-Drama : 18 persons:Jeanne BERDI, Shannon FLEURY, Eva MARQUEZ, Roxane MORELLE, Tiphaine BOTTIN, Tara MAITRE, Elise MULLER, Mélanie SAUVAGE, Valentine MEZIN, Caroline BOULANGER, Manon DARDEAU, Lise RICHET, Tom MAILLOT, Blandine VOLANT, Laetitia LECHEMEAU, Garance BRUNETEAU, Iris LECLERC and Johanna KAFILAHY.

-Sports :7 persons : Mattéo COUET, Hugo GREMY, Valentin MORMONT, Pierre GRANGE, Adrien REBEYROL, Jeremie MARTIN and Terence DERROUARD.

-History : 1 person : Lucas VOLENA

-Books :1 person : Gabrielle ROSSARD

-Electronic :8 persons : Pierre GRANGE, Adrien REBEYROL, Mattéo COUET, Axel MEZIERES,
Terence DERROIRD, Jeremie MARTIN, Hugo GREMY and Valentin MORMONT.

-Music :8 persons : Clément GUILLEMETTE(guitar),Valentine MEZIN(piano,guitar),Elise MULLER(flute), Fabien(drums),Amandine,Nina Dubois,Alicia DERIANO and Lea(Piano).

And we are thinking about a new club, dancing, what do you think about it?
-Dancing : 8 persons: Antoine FONTAN, Nina DUBOIS, Johanna KAFILAHY,Iris LECLERC, Garance BRUNETEAU, Laetitia LECHEMEAU, Blandine VOLAND,Tom MAILLOT.

Mattéo and Axel