We the class 8e in KDG (Konrad-Duden-Gymnasium) in Wesel want to introduce ourselves!
We are 32 pupils, 11 boys and 21 girls in the class.
Our class teacher Mr. Frommeyer is a very good and nice teacher.
We also have an assistant class teacher Mrs. Grewer, she is a very good and funny lady.
Our class has a very good sense of community and we stick together at all times.
Apart from all this we have one special talent, we are bilingual.
That means we have Geography and History in English.
We are very excited about the exchange and we're looking forward to seeing you.
We're sure we'll have a very fantastic time with you! <3

Fabia Furtmann, Katharina Feu├čner, Chantal Agyemang Duah & Laura Hertrampf