Shopping in WESEL

A shopping mall near Wesel :

Specially for Girls its a great town to go shopping.There are shops like H&M,New Yorker,Only,shoeshops and even lotsmore clothes,jewery,toy,flower,book and more different shops.But even for boys there are cool shops like clothes,electronic,computer game and sportshops.And of course there are different cafes and restaurants in town.

Pools in Wesel

There is one indoor swimmingpool with slides and jumptowers.
But there is even one outdoor pool with a huge slide,different pools,a strudel,and jumptowers.There is a
nice cafe at the pool and the whole area is at the Rhein.


Here in Wesel there are very many sportclubs.
You can go dancing or play basketball, football, badminton, tennis, volleyball, handball, tabletennis or ride your horse, do dog agility, go swimming, iceskating and ride your bike.


In the city of Wesel there is a tiny cinema.
Every Thursday there are the new films which you can watch and the Cine Star is a good meetingpoint for children and teenagers.


You can visit 2 museums in Wesel, first the Otto-Pankok-Museum and second you can visit the Preu├čenmuseum.