Our classteacher Micha Frommeyer :

Mr. Frommeyer is a nice men and 32 years old. He is our history- and Englishteacher but we learn history in English.
We call that bilingual. Mr. Frommeyer is a brilliant teacher.

Our chemistry teacher Mrs. Grewer :

She is our second classteacher. The chemistry lessons are interesting.

Our maths teacher Mrs. Brützel :

She is the second director of our school and she has got much experience for teach us.

Our PE teacher Mrs. Mulrain:

We love PE because of the nice and funny teacher. She was on the Olympics in the year 2000
and ran 200 metres!

Our geography teacher Mr. Häuser:

We have geography in English, too. A bilingual subject again!

Our german teacher Mr. Fobbe:

We think he is stict and nice, but we learn a lot!

Our french teacher Mrs. Bröckerhoff:

She comes from France and talks French well as you! We learn your language very good.
But only a half of our class learn French. There also is Mrs. Ostermann as a French teacher.
The other half studies Latein.
f_broeckerhoff_05_3978a0479e.jpg ← Mrs. Bröckerhoff Ostermann_05_1ebc6f8c54.jpg ← Mrs. Ostermann

Joana, Theresa, Sophia, Carolin and Pauline ♥