Mr Deparis
Our German teacher

He is nice and we learn well and quickly with him.
He is very much involved in ecology and fairtrade.
He lives in Bordeaux but he works and lives around here during the week.


Mrs Pinsard :
Mrs Pinsard works with gipsies. She is a good teacher.
She is a French teacher. With her, we work a lot.

Mr. Olivier :
Our Physics and Chemistry teacher.
Mr. Olivier is a good and nice teacher. His lessons are very interesting.
At the moment we are making electric circuits.

Mrs Le Signor
Our Music teacher
She is a music teacher, she is very nice and funny.
She plays the piano and the violin. She sings extremely well.
She has got a very cute and big dog.

Mrs Audebert

She is our Maths teacher.
She is a young and nice teacher but she is serious.
She teaches very well.


Mr Duvallet
He is our history and geography teacher, he is strict and sometimes cool. He is sporty, he plays badminton.
He does also classes of civic education. We learn well with him.

Mrs Tondusson
She is our biology teacher, she is nice and she loves doing projects. For exemple every year she organizes European breakfasts from different countries. So, we can discover the Latin, German, West Indies and Italian breakfasts.
This year she organized the «Téléthon» in our school : it's a charity action to help the people who have genetic illnesses. She is a very good teacher !

Mrs Havard

Mrs Havard is our Spanish teacher. She is our class teacher too. She's very nice and funny, but sometimes, she can be irritated by the class...


Our French teacher
M.Lafite is our French teacher. He speaks slowly and he's pretty nice. He has white hair, blue eyes and he wears glasses. He is a good teacher, his first name is Gérard. He isn't very strict.

He is our maths teacher.
He is a good teacher for maths but he doesn't write very well .He like doing mental calculation .He has got long hair .

Mrs Martz-Moes
She is our art teacher, she is very nice and creative and
she is funny. Her subject is very interesting, there is
a good atmosphere in the class, and we laugh all the time
so ,she is a good teacher.


Mr Picard
He is our music teacher, he has an assistant because he is blind.
He is so funny and we love learning music with him.


Mr Rouat
He is our a P.E. Teacher, he is very
sporty and patient. He explains very well
and he is very nice.

Mrs Chevaucher
She teaches history and geography .
She is strict and nice .
She is a very good teacher .

Mrs Benoist

Her name is Sophie Benoist.
She speaks French and Spanish.
She lives in St-Avertin.
She is a beautiful and very nice teacher !


He teaches technology.
He is a cool and nice teacher.
He is a good teacher, we work on computers with him.


She is our English teacher.
She is sometimes extravagant
But she is cool with us !!!!