Our town, Montlouis sur Loire...

Montlouis is a little town. There are 10, 381 people, one secondary school, three kindergardens, three primary schools. The specialty of Montlouis is white wine. Montlouis is near Tours, in the Indre-et-Loire department in the center of France. It is a town full of flowers.
Montlouis is on the Loire river.

The weather in Touraine
In Touraine, the weather is varied. It is often cold. But during the summer it's hot. During the winter it snows for two, three days only and it often rains. This is an oceanic climate.

The wines The wines of Touraine are very famous in the world. They have been recognized since 1939. The wines produced are red wines, white wines and roses. The white wines are sparkling or still. The different types of wines are : Cabernet- Gamay- Sauvignon. There are twenty-eight hectares of vineyards around Montlouis.

The Castle of Tours

The royal castle of Tours was first an aquarium. There were about 1,500 fish representing 200 species. Today the castle houses contemporary exhibitions (Miro, Buren, Nadar.) It also presents historical documents and videos about the history of our region.