In this group, we are nineteen : twelve girls and seven boys. We do Europeen English because we love English and Mrs Fenton is a very good teacher.

We have three hours of English and two hours of European English.

In the English class we have homework, we work with a book, we learn grammar whereas in the European class, we practise drama, we exchange with you and each pupils has a computer to send E-mails to his/her penpal. It's very good for exchanges !!!
Fabien, Lucas and Tara.



Group BE in our European English class

In our class of Euro English (group BE), six persons play an instrument but nine persons don't play any instruments. Two persons play the piano, one plays the guitar, two persons play the flute and one plays the clarinet.

Mélanie, Caroline, Valentine and Gabrielle


In group BE, we are very sporty :15 persons practise a sport. We practise :
  • Rugby (2 persons), Tennis (2 persons), Mountain biking (1 person), Karaté (1 person), Billiard (1 person), Basketball (1 person), Horse-riding (2 persons), Badminton (6 persons).


And one person practices long distance running and gymnastics : our teacher !

The most practiced sport is badminton because there is a badminton option in the 4E class.


In Montlouis, there are many badminton, football and tennis players. There is also a horse riding center called "les écuries d'Anadé" and a lot of people go there.

In Montlouis, there are national players :-Tennis : a team which is in the fourth national level- Archery : world champion 3D archery, a girl team which is French champion- Shooting (champion of France)- Karaté (champion of France)

Adrien, Axel, Mattéo, Clément

In the group, we are sixteen students. There are six boys and ten girls. We are twelve and thirteen years old. We live in Montlouis but one or two students don't live in Montlouis, they live in Saint Martin le Beau.
Manon, Garance, Blandine, Alicia


In group CD, eleven students practise a sport: one student plays football, another plays tennis and three persons swim. One person plays badminton and another plays table tennis. Two persons horse ride and one dances. And one person does Capoëra.
Manon, Alicia, Garance, Blandine

The most practiced hobbies are listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends and playing computer games.

We do artistic activities too : we act in the MLC (maison des loisirs et de la culture) , we sing, play an instrument at home or at the music school, we draw and one girl even writes, when we have the time .

Some people play with their cats and a lot love to go shopping !livre.jpgtheatre-92174.gif

Shannon, Jeanne, Elise, Lise